Celine Dion Cancels Concerts

2008 Nov 15 9:05PM

Man, why does it have to be like this? It was announced that Celine Dion canceled a bunch of shows, including the upcoming concert in Salt Lake City on November 21st. According to The Energy Solutions Arena's website, it's been rescheduled for February 22, 2009. Talk about the pits... I've had 20th row tickets for over a year. Now I have to wait another 3 months!

It sucks and everything, but I hope Celine Dion voice is better. The Chicago Times reported she has a naso-pharyngeal infection. Hopefully the few months off will give her time to recover, and the show will be twice as good!

She is one sexy mother.


Obama or Hillary?

2008 Mar 18 1:25AM

I've been asked a lot lately who I'm voting for. I honestly don't think it matters who I vote for. Why is that? It's a simple solution. It's so simple, in fact, it's almost scary. Barack Obama will win. Hands out, no questions about it. And why will he win? Because he is SEXIER than every other candidate. Just look at the news. There are countless newspaper articles about how fat Hillary looks. She's blaming it on the fact that she is a woman. But the truth? It's because she's not as attractive as other candidates! Will John McCain win? Of course not, he's ugly. Obama has everything it takes to be sexy. A lean body. Nicely cut hair. A great, quick personality just adds the sugar.

Some of you may be thinking, "That's absurd!"... but really, is it so absurd? Who wins American Idol? The good looking people (with the exception Ruben Stoddard) of course! I'm not pointing fingers, saying some people are better than others, I'm just putting it the way it is. You will see, Obama will win.


Why's it so hard being extremely good looking?

2008 Mar 12 1:05AM

I've been in the pits lately. My leg hurts. I have some issue with my IT Band... IT Band Syndrome or something. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I know it's painful. How can I keep my sexyness up with stuff like this happening?

I guess IT Band comes up quite often -- most often in runners, like me. It started hurting about a week ago, so I took all last week off and ran a hilly 8 miles on Saturday, because that's what all the websites say -- take 3 to 5 days off, and start running gently again. I really really really want to run the SLC Marathon again this year. Hopefully by next Saturday I can make my final long run before the marathon. If I can, people will have the pleasure of witnessing me run the full marathon again. If not, it's SOL for them because I'll still be sexy but they won't see me.


This Really is the Freaky Place

2007 Oct 20 2:49AM

I just got back from This Is The Place Heritage Park, and let me tell you it was by far the best haunted house in Utah I have ever been to! It was totally worth the $15 to get in. In a matter of minutes, you really feel as if you've left Salt Lake City and are in a small village where a bunch of creepy things are happening. It's not some cheap thrill like the rest of the haunted houses... the cast makes you feel as if you're really in a haunted village. You walk through some of the old houses in the park that I swear really are haunted. There are quite a few nice, scary surprises, and let me tell you... the visit from the headless horseman is something you will never forget.

Honestly, The Haunted Village puts the other "jump out and scare you" haunted houses to shame. Go. Now.


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