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2006 Feb 12 1:06PM

Yay! I finally posted. Isn't that wonderful? Anyways, if you've ever been to my site before, you can tell that I got a new layout. Looks pretty good if I might say so myself. Except the stupid png at the top looks crappy in IE. If you know how to fix it, post a comment or something. K thx bye

EDIT: wow i fix0red it... without the help from ANYONE! so eat it


james 2006 Mar 01 11:05PM

josh... hey man you should help me out with the website cause i have no clue what im doingg

Nicole 2006 Mar 09 4:20PM

you are gay and you are so...not sexy at all am i rite pplz??? I think so!!

joshissexy 2006 Mar 10 2:52PM

This Nicole person is obviously stupid. am i rite pplz???!

omega pure1 2006 Apr 24 2:17PM

hi josh, u single?

Scoopy 2006 Apr 24 2:18PM

WTF... Leave the sheep alone ?

omega pure1 2006 Apr 24 2:18PM

y no reply :( i can see you right now

farmer moe 2006 Apr 24 2:19PM

hi josh i sell u rune sets and sex

Horse358 2006 Apr 24 2:20PM

lmfao ! Let Rych fuck his sheeps plz @@
And you're N-O-T sexy plz ! I am, k ? (H)

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