Cool person of the day

2005 Jun 08 1:03AM

And the winner of the cool person of the day is:



Natalie Braegger 2005 Jun 12 10:03AM

You stupid fagget!!! Why am I not the cool person of the day? This new cite sucks...I like the old one better.

Josh 2005 Aug 20 4:09PM

Dude, she looks pretty hot!

Who is natalie?

Me 2005 Dec 10 10:40PM

This website really sucks. I mean my boyfriends name is Josh and he is way sexier. Aside from which, the actual look and content of the website could be so so much better. You don't deserve there are people out there that could do so much better ie me.

josh 2005 Dec 28 2:41PM

eh? wtf was that? you're dumb, my content rocks.

dataw0lf 2005 Dec 28 2:48PM

This is perhaps the worse site I've ever seen. The color scheme, shitty Flash layout, and even the content is just pure crap. I agree totally with 'Me'.

Jackie 2006 Mar 30 8:25PM

Sweet. I was bored.. and typed in "", because that is my husband's name.. and.. there is such a site! This Josh ain't too bad, himself! Then I see.. this cool person of the day.. is named Jaqui, which I assume is a twisted spelling of Jackie, which happens to be MY NAME! COINCIDENCE?!

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