There's this kid...

2005 May 09 2:03AM

I know a kid that's ALMOST sexier than me. Not quite, but it's really close. The funny thing is that he's going on a mission soon. I mean, check out that mohawk! What ISNT sexy about that thing!!!


Bryan 2005 May 16 9:12PM

To bad I didnt have a pic of it spiked :/

ada 2005 May 17 12:06PM

we all know you are really gay

shayna 2005 May 17 12:07PM

theres this boy named josh and he is sexy but not the one on this website

s 2005 May 17 12:08PM


Josh 2005 May 17 6:57PM

shayna, get me his picture!!!! i'll put it on this website, then he can be sexy with me. SERIOUSLY

Jake 2006 Feb 17 11:25AM

Josh!!!! you are so gay!! i want to be in you... dont say no because i will hunt you down and rape you!! love ya

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