I Love Myself

2005 May 05 4:36PM

This site is gonna be the bomb

I promise dudes... it's gonna be worth the wait.

And if it's not, send me an email and tell me it sucks.


PS. I really am sexy, aren't I?


ur a fag 2005 Jun 29 1:43PM

ur not sexy ur a closet homosexual nice glasses tho nerd holla

Chuck 2005 Nov 29 2:29PM

no dude, your not sexy. your a friggin lame ass nerd. Get yourself something to do. . .

Black Cristofe 2006 Jan 25 4:22PM

you look like a retardid nerd though your brother is so cool hes way smarter than youll ever be your a bout as smart as a bag of potatoes your dog is the coolist

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