I'm Alive and I'm Free

2007 Sep 13 12:17AM

I went to Keith Urban last night, and let me tell you what... that dude knows how to put on a show. I'm not talking all the flashing lights and confetti flying around, either. He really draws you into his concert. He really loves performing, and you can tell.

It was pretty crazy... I was amazed at the performance of some of my least favorite songs by him: Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me, and Got It Right This Time. Even after the show, I can't get enough of listening to them. If you haven't heard them, I'd recommend you listen right now. Just you wait... my LastFM account is going to be overtaken by Keith Urban within the next week.

As a side note, the University of Utah Drum Line came in and played a little ditty in the middle of the show, which was pretty tight. It really got the crowd excited, and it got the blood pumping like mad.

It was simply amazing.


josh 2008 May 11 5:07PM


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