This Really is the Freaky Place

2007 Oct 20 2:49AM

I just got back from This Is The Place Heritage Park, and let me tell you it was by far the best haunted house in Utah I have ever been to! It was totally worth the $15 to get in. In a matter of minutes, you really feel as if you've left Salt Lake City and are in a small village where a bunch of creepy things are happening. It's not some cheap thrill like the rest of the haunted houses... the cast makes you feel as if you're really in a haunted village. You walk through some of the old houses in the park that I swear really are haunted. There are quite a few nice, scary surprises, and let me tell you... the visit from the headless horseman is something you will never forget.

Honestly, The Haunted Village puts the other "jump out and scare you" haunted houses to shame. Go. Now.


meh 2008 Feb 19 11:44PM

I wanted a sexy haunted house

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