Why's it so hard being extremely good looking?

2008 Mar 12 1:05AM

I've been in the pits lately. My leg hurts. I have some issue with my IT Band... IT Band Syndrome or something. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I know it's painful. How can I keep my sexyness up with stuff like this happening?

I guess IT Band comes up quite often -- most often in runners, like me. It started hurting about a week ago, so I took all last week off and ran a hilly 8 miles on Saturday, because that's what all the websites say -- take 3 to 5 days off, and start running gently again. I really really really want to run the SLC Marathon again this year. Hopefully by next Saturday I can make my final long run before the marathon. If I can, people will have the pleasure of witnessing me run the full marathon again. If not, it's SOL for them because I'll still be sexy but they won't see me.


Brent 2008 Mar 16 6:18PM Honestly.

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