I'm Alive and I'm Free

2007 Sep 13 12:17AM

I went to Keith Urban last night, and let me tell you what... that dude knows how to put on a show. I'm not talking all the flashing lights and confetti flying around, either. He really draws you into his concert. He really loves performing, and you can tell.

It was pretty crazy... I was amazed at the performance of some of my least favorite songs by him: Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me, and Got It Right This Time. Even after the show, I can't get enough of listening to them. If you haven't heard them, I'd recommend you listen right now. Just you wait... my LastFM account is going to be overtaken by Keith Urban within the next week.

As a side note, the University of Utah Drum Line came in and played a little ditty in the middle of the show, which was pretty tight. It really got the crowd excited, and it got the blood pumping like mad.

It was simply amazing.


Joshissexy Source Code Released

2007 Aug 25 3:01AM

So I released all the source code to I'm hoping that people will critique my code, maybe find some vulnerabilities, and let me know about them. I'm fairly confident my site is relatively secure, but doing this does kind of leave my site wide open for attack... but, *shrug*. Also, since it's available without a license, you can use it for whatever you want.

For those interested, you can get it here. It was written using the Catalyst framework, and Template Toolkit for the views. It has been a fun project to work on, and hopefully will continue to be that way.

Since I don't have any format bug tracking software, if you find a bug or vulnerability, or create a patch, just email it to me using the "Contact" link.


Leaving A Little Girl Alone In The Woods

2007 Jul 19 12:34AM

I run a lot. One of my favorite places to run is a trail at Meuller Park, located in Bountiful, UT. It's a somewhat moderate run, about 7 miles up and back. I normally run it a few times a week, but today something interesting happened...

I was running a little late, and it started to get really dark. Meuller Park has a lot of trees, so visibility was even further decreased. I was heading down, with about a mile to go, when I saw a little girl walking down, who I'd guess wasn't older than 13. She seemed fairly confident, so I assumed she walked there a lot, and was fine. After I passed her, I could here her running right behind me. This kind of hinted to me maybe she wasn't.

"Are you ok?" I asked. "Do you want me to walk down with you?"

"Yea..." she responded to me. Good thing I stopped.

Now I was thinking, WTF is this girl doing all alone in the woods at night? It turns out, she was at mutual (an LDS youth activity) and her group had left her behind! She told me how she had been up to Meuller Park a lot, but never at night, and she was freaked out! I walked with her the rest of the way, where she met up with her group.

Seriously, leave it to the "responsible adults" to leave the girl all alone up there. If I hadn't walked down with her, who knows what could have happened to her. And people wonder why all these children are getting abducted... just take responsibility people!


I'm Too Sexy For My Bus

2007 Jul 17 9:03PM

Looks like someone had the quite the ride. A woman was kicked off a bus for being too sexy. The bus driver said to her, 'Your cleavage is distracting me every time I look into my mirror and I can't concentrate on the traffic. If you don't sit somewhere else, I'm going to have to throw you off the bus.'

Sounds to me like a great pickup line.

This hasn't happened to me yet, but I will keep you posted next time I ride a bus with a female driver.


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