2007 Jul 09 10:19PM

It seems that some other Josh may be trying (I repeat, trying) to top me. A very unique band, JoSH (, has stricken the ears of the world. Their new single, "Anjabi", whose music video was just released on their site, is an entrancing blend of classic Indian music with todays upbeat tempo.

For those Americans not accustomed to listening to "foreign" music, think of how Sting's "Desert Rose" affected the music industry. Once people were introduced, they were hooked. This is beautiful music, and should be given a try.

Their new song, as well as some of their previous hits like "Mahi Ve" and "Mausam", can be found on their new album entitled "Mausam". You can purchase the cd from their website,


2007 SLC Marathon

2007 Apr 22 1:07PM

Welp, I haven't posted in a while again (is that surprising?) But I got my sexy body to run the marathon. Sure it was tough, but what can ya do? Anyways, I posted some pictures in the Gallery (The Photos section).


New Dashboard Album

2006 Aug 02 9:45PM

Alright, I know this isn't about me, and the fact that I'm even posting this may make this sweet site that revolves around me look more like a blog, but I don't care. The new Dashboard Confessional album is EXCELLENT. I used to be a big fan, then I started to get turned off by them. However, this album made me remember why I liked them in the first place. THANK YOU CHRIS CARABBA!


What's the deal... pudgy?

2006 Feb 17 7:16PM

Someone had the NERVE to call me pudgy!! What's up with that? I mean, I may be out of shape a little bit, but I'm definately not "pudgy"! He's probably just jealous that I'm so much sexier than him. Fat people must get jealous easily...


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