Look at this

2006 Feb 12 1:06PM

Yay! I finally posted. Isn't that wonderful? Anyways, if you've ever been to my site before, you can tell that I got a new layout. Looks pretty good if I might say so myself. Except the stupid png at the top looks crappy in IE. If you know how to fix it, post a comment or something. K thx bye

EDIT: wow i fix0red it... without the help from ANYONE! so eat it


Cool person of the day

2005 Jun 08 1:03AM

And the winner of the cool person of the day is:



Stupid liberals

2005 May 20 6:59PM

I just wanted to say that I hate East Coast folk. They're always so pissed off and negative. They put me in a bad mood. I think that they're just jealous of my sexiness, so they just act bad towards me. Liberals...


There's this kid...

2005 May 09 2:03AM

I know a kid that's ALMOST sexier than me. Not quite, but it's really close. The funny thing is that he's going on a mission soon. I mean, check out that mohawk! What ISNT sexy about that thing!!!


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