I'm not gay, but...

2005 May 05 6:02PM

k guys i've got some updated news for everyone. There's this kid named brent walker that is as homosexual as they get. He always goes around thinkin he's bad, but really he doesn't even do anything but play World of Warcraft and Counterstrike all day long. What a punk huh.


What an insight!

2005 May 05 5:14PM

I think I just found out what's important to me. Call it a breakthrough, call it whatever you want. I'm really not sure how it came about, or what it's going to, but I know I haven't felt like this for a long time. Don't worry, I'll still continue to make grow (one step at a time) but.... ya. My sexyness doesn't seem to matter to me anymore. It looks like there's something more that I need


I Love Myself

2005 May 05 4:36PM

This site is gonna be the bomb

I promise dudes... it's gonna be worth the wait.

And if it's not, send me an email and tell me it sucks.


PS. I really am sexy, aren't I?


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